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Hello there! You must be curious who the humorless,dull person is who wrote this. But for reasons unknown to you i wish to remain anonymous. I can tell you i live in Suriname. Yes, i'll give you the time to take your worldmap and search it (protip: south america)
found it? Ok,good. Remember to visit my country once (now people can't accuse me of not trying to stimulate tourism )
i am 16 years old, i was raised a hindu. The thing that made me an atheist is my worldview. I always have been a sceptic and had a big curiousity towards science. Not too long ago, my religion and my worldview clashed. Not enough evidence for the claims! So, i read my "holy" book(the bhagvat ghita) dun worry about pronouncing it. It is a nice book, not much bloodshed, but the problem was the evidence. Then i read the bible..... Oh, the bloodshed, the genocide,infantcide, the condone of slavery! And the ridiculous stories! I thought it wat the worst book i ever read! Especially the old testament. But i wad DEAD wrong. I found that out when i read the quaran. Imagine the bible, multiply the violence by 10. As far as i know, both the islam and christianity are abrahamic religions, wich explain the violence. Then i realized it is perfectly fine to not believe in a god. My scepticism portrayed the religions as non-proven, thus non-true and my empathy and moral guide portrays them as horrible. Happy to tell you about myself. Now scram! Go do something productive instead of reading this dull biography. Go sign a petition for equal rights, go study, learn something new, go debate, go help your family, whatever. As long as it is productive. Have a nice day!

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