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How the lack of evidence of god becomes evidence for the lack of (the abrahamic)god

The argument in short

1.god is all-loving
2.god is omnipotent
3. An all-loving god doesn't want to torture people to hell
4.most atheists don't believe in a god because there is no evidence of a god order to make those atheists believe in god,god must provide evidence of his existence
5b.god does not provide evidence to us atheists
6.therefore,it is safe to assume that there is
a)no all-loving god
b)no omnipotent god
c)no god

with this argument,the lack of evidence becomes the evidence there is no god or atleast no abrahamic god

i have heard a few counter arguments over the years,and the most used one is the following:

god sent the evidence. You just refuse to look at it

If god was omnipotent and omniscient,he would know the exact evidence that would confince me and every other atheist on the planet that there is a god. So if god did send his evidence,and we rejected it,it ultimately shows that god is either not omniscient,not omnipotent or not omnipotent and not omnipresent

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